Make Enterprise Content Management Easy

Even the most intuitive software programs fall flat when they’re not backed by rigorous support. We understand that the day-to-day can be filled with challenges, and we don’t want your technology to be one of them. In fact, we don’t want you to think about it at all. If we’ve done our jobs well, technology will be an optimizer and enabler, not one more headache.

We can customize your DigiDoc software just for the way you use it, adhering to your specific requirements and regulatory stipulations and building it for your systems.

For over 140 years, we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for exceeding expectations, and we’re proud to deploy a team of experts to ensure that your software is overdelivering for you and your patients, too.

How Our DMS Software Support Has You Covered

Our team is your team. To that end, we work with you from the stages of “outlining goals” to “achieving them”:

  1. Permissions: We partner with your IT team to ensure that DigiDoc software is configured for your needs. If you have multiple locations, we’ll give “super users” permissions based on the access you decide, whether its total access or a finite number.
  2. Assets: The sheer number of eForms can be overwhelming. As part of our document management services, our team will carefully review all your digital assets and design an effective print and digital file management system. We’ll help you set up your assets in an organized easy-to-access, -sort, and -search library, and the forms will match your stated style guidelines. We draw on graphic design experience that includes creating and editing thousands of forms per month. Rest assured that your forms will be professional, complete, and fully aligned with your design standards.
  3. Help: We provide 24/7 customer service with real live people to troubleshoot any issues. We also regularly talk with our customers to proactively manage the system and ask where we can enhance our software. The best way to serve our customers is by meeting their needs, so we pay special attention to feedback and incorporate improvements wherever possible.

With DigiDoc, you’ll have the attentive and specialized support you need to provide the same for your patients.

Get The Support You Need, When You Need It