Elevate Patient Care with Organized and Accessible Forms

We are experts in healthcare document management systems. DigiDoc helps hospitals, acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, emergency clinics, behavioral facilities, and skilled nursing facilities improve and streamline form management with our secure cloud-based document management software solution. This innovative tool allows healthcare systems to scale smoothly as they manage thousands of forms, all while remaining secure and compliant. 

We don’t stop there. As true partners, we’ve worked with various health organizations to ensure that our DigiDoc software is aligned exactly with their needs, through customization and standardization across locations.

DigiDoc has helped healthcare organizations organize and optimize their forms and their business. We can help you do the same.

Find the Right Forms in Time, Every Time

We've worked closely with various sizes of  hospitals and other healthcare systems for commercial printing needs, and we understand the intricate nature of working in healthcare. We know how much time is spent (and wasted) locating documents, as well as ensuring they’re using the latest version of a form and staying compliant. We’ve heard nurses and providers explain their frustrations with duplicated patient care forms, inaccurate documents, and information that’s filed in the wrong spot. We know that this time could be better spent devoted to patient care, instead of the energy-consuming management of paperwork. So we've worked to help these healthcare organizations control their paperwork—so they could better control their costs and their level of care.

If your hospital or healthcare system is overwhelmed by paperwork, let us know. DigiDoc was built for you.

What Does the Document Management Solution Include?

By deploying DigiDoc’s document management software, healthcare organizations experience  benefits like:

  • Search: Find the form you’re looking for faster with a simple search.
  • Favorites: Identify your most used forms and favorite them to move them to the top of the list, making them easy to access quickly.
  • Packets: Create customized packets for forms frequently used together, for quick preparation and printing.
  • Version Control: Guarantee employees are only using the correct, most up-to-date version of any form with system updates every 15 minutes.
  • Design Standards: No more sloppy copies of a copy. Each form is created with design standards to ensure readability and legibility for caregivers and patients.
  • Patient Data: Import common patient data to produce individualized barcodes on forms for each patient to maintain compliance.
  • Scanning: Integrate preexisting printed forms by scanning them into the software.

Elevate Patient Care and Eliminate The Paperwork Hassle