Get Real Data on Form Usage

DigiDoc’s powerful cloud-based software allows administrators to access data regarding usage of eForms and print forms with patient records. With our proven software, you can utilize form data to streamline paperwork, slash costs, and achieve greater efficiencies.

DigiDoc serves as  an organizer for the hundreds of patient forms that healthcare systems must manage on a daily basis. From pre-authorizations, to hospital discharge papers, to hospital incident reports, and more, these documents must be up-to-date with compliance standards, be aligned with the patient information in your EHR/EMR software and correctly filed for reference.

As administrators, it’s important to be able to know which forms are being used, when they are being used, and who is using them. DigiDoc’s reporting solution collects this data and allows specified users  to access it.

Data can be drilled down to the exact time and date a form was accessed, and which user accessed it, allowing administrators to overcome oversight.

Healthcare Document Reporting Made Easy

DigiDoc is designed to remove the complicated and the overwhelming parts of paperwork and simplify it for all. Accurate reporting on the forms being used enables administrators to determine the need for each form and track form usage across locations.

Get Accurate Insights on Form Usage