Use Our Experience to Enhance Yours

DigiDoc's parent company, Emprint, was founded over 140 years ago as a locally owned printer with the belief that our business success should be measured by our customers’ success. As our clients’ communication needs have expanded, we’ve grown to support them; we now include three locations across Louisiana with partners and clients all over the nation.

Along the way, we’ve become experts in healthcare document management systems, helping many hospitals and healthcare systems integrate our exceedingly efficient electronic file management system within their organizations. This innovative tool allows them to scale elegantly as they manage thousands of forms, all while keeping them secure and compliant.

We don’t stop there. As true partners, we’ve worked with various health organizations to ensure that our DigiDoc software is aligned exactly with their needs, through customization and standardization across locations.

We’ve helped healthcare systems organize and optimize their forms and their business. We can help you do the same.

Our Clients’ Needs

As we’ve worked closely with various sized hospitals and healthcare systems, we’ve gained a deep understanding of what’s at stake. We see how much time is spent (and wasted) just locating documents. We’ve watched as healthcare staff struggle to ensure that they’re using the latest version of a form and staying compliant. We’ve heard their frustrations with duplicated patient care forms, inaccurate documents, and information that’s filed in the wrong spot. Again and again, we’ve seen time that could be better spent devoted to patient care, instead of the energy-consuming management of paperwork. So we worked to help these healthcare organizations control their paperwork—so they could better control their costs and their care.

If your hospital or healthcare system is overwhelmed by paperwork, let us know. DigiDoc was built for you.

How Much Can You Save with Document Management Software?

By deploying DigiDoc’s DMS software, healthcare organizations have realized tremendous savings:

  •  A top ten national hospital group saved $11.4 million
  • Collectively, our healthcare clients have saved 60% in printing costs

Streamline Your Business and Elevate Your Care