Document Management Services for Behavioral Health Facilities

Due to the delicate nature of their work, clinicians at behavioral health facilities must have simplicity and consistency in all aspects of patient care, including paperwork.

Fortunately, DigiDoc can provide just that. DigiDoc provides behavioral health clinicians with up-to-date, easy-to-access forms right at their fingertips. Depending on the need, i.e. registration, medical history, or consent, eForms can be found with a quick search, prepared and sent to print in seconds. Unique barcodes with patient data can also be added to the form by a simple selection.

A Helping Hand from DigiDoc

We recognize that behavioral health facilities spend too much time contending with duplicate, out-of-date, or sloppy patient care forms, and we’ve devised a solution to meet their unique needs:

DigiDoc’s cloud-based secure software provides employees instant access to the forms they need most. DigiDoc keeps these forms accurate and compliant by controlling document versions, creating customized form packets, providing reporting on form usage, and access to patient handouts.

Not only do we understand the landscape, but we’ve helped organizations navigate it. We teamed up with behavioral health providers all over the country to create a fully-automated system that covered point of purchase to invoicing.

We’re here to help behavioral health facilities and other healthcare systems do the same—by organizing and optimizing their paperwork to save time, money, and headaches.

Form Management Made Easy

Take control of paperwork with DigiDoc’s medical records management system and the team behind it. Our team can review your digital assets and help you build a health record management system that organizes your library of forms, and typesets them all to your design standards. DigiDoc gives you:

  • Standardization & Automation: Our software supplements your EHR/EMR software, enabling automation of documents that they do not address, like referrals, consents, checklists, and more. 
  • Multiple Location Management: Keep everything in one place for easy access, while protecting your sensitive patient data with security built to healthcare regulations and multiple levels of permission for employees.
  • Excellent Compliance: DigiDoc updates your document library every 15 minutes so you stay compliant with access to the most updated documents.
  • Cleaner Documents: Enjoy standardized forms, reduced or eliminated duplication, and higher levels of accuracy.
  • Greener Documents: eForms mean less printing and environmental waste.
  • Top Level Security: DigiDoc conforms to the stringent security measures set by the healthcare industry and also carries extensive cyber insurance so your data stays safe. 
  • Downtime Solution: Access to patient data keeps you moving even when your EHR/EMR is down.

Don’t waste any more time on outdated documents and incorrect forms. See how DigiDoc can transform your behavioral health facility through document management.

Elevate Patient Care with Organized Form Management