Transforming Emergency Clinics with a Document Management Solution

When working in an emergency clinic, there is no time for wrong forms or duplicate documents. Due to the urgency of their work, nurses and providers at emergency clinics need to be able to find forms easily, and not have to worry whether it is the right version or if they have found all of the forms needed for a patient.

We understand the demanding nature of healthcare and how it can quickly feel overwhelming when you fall behind on paperwork. Fortunately, DigiDoc has a solution for these caregivers working in such a critical field that can make documentation feel effortless, rather than unmanageable.

The DigiDoc Answer

We recognize that emergency clinics are constantly rivaled by duplicate, out-of-date, or poorly copied patient care forms, and we’ve devised a solution to meet their unique needs:

DigiDoc’s cloud-based secure software provides employees instant access to accurate, most recent versions of forms they need most. DigiDoc provides the capabilities to create customized form packets, grouping necessary forms together for easy preparation and printing. Administrators also have access to reporting on form usage, knowing which forms are used most, when, and by who.

We help emergency care facilities and other healthcare systems organize and optimize their paperwork to save time, money, and stress.

Stress-Free Document Management

Take control of forms and documents with DigiDoc’s medical records management system and our team behind it. Organize your library of forms with DigiDoc, and reap all of the benefits:

  • Standardization & Automation: Our software supplements your EHR/EMR software, enabling automation of documents that they do not address, like referrals, consents, checklists, and more. 
  • Greener Documents: Less printing and environmental waste.
  • Excellent Compliance: Stay compliant with access to the most up-to-date documents in your library that automatically update every 15 minutes.
  • Cleaner Documents: Enjoy standardized forms, reduced or eliminated duplication, and higher levels of accuracy.
  • Locked Tight Security: DigiDoc meets stringent security standards set by the healthcare industry and carries extensive cyber insurance so your data stays safe. 
  • Multiple Location Management: Keep everything in one place for easy access, with multiple levels of permission for employees.
  • Downtime Solution: Access to patient data keeps the ball rolling even when your EHR/EMR is down.

Don’t waste any more time on outdated documents and forms. See how DigiDoc can transform your emergency clinic through document management and version control.

Organized Form Management to Elevate Patient Care