When Your Facility’s Software Goes Down, DigiDoc’s Cloud-Based Solution Has You Covered

Nobody likes downtime. When your EHR/EMR software and other important applications go down, your productivity and level of care does too. DigiDoc devised a way to keep up your critical work, even during downtime. Since you can’t always control when your system is connected, this industry exclusive feature allows you to control the work you get done in the meantime.

If your EHR/EMR system, lab applications, or other software is unavailable due to a system update or outage, patient forms and data can still be accessed through DigiDoc's cloud-based solution. No matter how long it takes for your EHR/EMR or lab application to come back, you have DigiDoc's downtime solution as a backup.

With the DigiDoc downtime application, you’ll turn inefficient downtime into efficient uptime.


If You're Unable to Access DigiDoc, Our Downtime Application Allows Elevated Care to Continue

In the event our service is unreachable for any reason, DigiDoc is proactive in making sure you still have access to the important forms and documents you need.

DigiDoc's downtime application was designed to keep your eForms active and accessible during a disruption to service, including an internet outage.

It does this by storing a local copy of all forms and packets in a facility form library that can be accessed at any time, even during a connectivity disruption. When implemented, no sensitive patient data is available to merge onto printed forms—so your sensitive PHI stays just that—protected.

Our tech team will collaborate with your IT team to quickly create and deploy DigiDoc’s downtime and offline access to keep you moving even when your systems aren’t.

Maintain Productivity Even During Downtime