EHR and EMR Integration Solutions

DigiDoc’s powerful cloud-based solution interfaces seamlessly and flawlessly with your EHR and EMR software to pair eForms with patient records and other important medical documents. 

We work with your IT team across platforms and channels to enhance the capabilities of your EHR/EMR software by establishing and implementing: 

  • User Authentication
  • User Permission Management
  • HL7 Feed for Patient Information
  • Remote Access
  • Downtime and Offline Document Access


Collaboration and Interoperability

How Our Document Manager Works

DigiDoc is an organizer for the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of patient forms that healthcare organizations must manage on a daily basis. From pre-authorizations, to hospital discharge papers, to hospital incident reports, and many more, these care documents must be aligned with the patient information in your EHR/EMR software and correctly filed for reference and compliance. 

DigiDoc accomplishes this with:

  • A Shared Forms Library
  • Multiple Custom Form Libraries for Various Facilities
  • A Search Function: Authorized end users can search by demographic information that’s easily merged onto forms or packets, one patient at a time, or multiple patients at a time. 
  • A Filtering Function with Categories like “Consent” 
  • A Feature that Bundles Forms into Packets
  • The Ability to Flag Forms and Packets as “Favorites” by the End User and List Them at Top of Searches
  • Frequent Updates: DigiDoc updates the document library every hour so users can access the most recent version of each form.

Integrate and Organize