Document Management Software that Takes the Stress Out of Paperwork

Documentation management is a beast that eats up time and money. Healthcare staff especially spend hours buying, filling out, and tracking hundreds or even thousands of forms—every day.

Paperwork no longer is a burden, but a simple task. DigiDoc was designed to organize your files—but it goes even further to organize and optimize your business.

The DigiDoc Difference in Document Management and Version Control

This document management system helps healthcare organizations of all sizes and scopes:

  • Increase Efficiency: With a cloud-based simple-to-learn-and-use interface, health records management goes from overwhelming to uber organized. One online repository lets you reduce redundancies, inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and mistakes. You can standardize across multiple locations and customize within them. You can share and print with all locations in an instant. You can collect electronic signatures on documents—all for better business and a better patient experience. 
  • Increase Organization: DigiDoc can create new forms for you and convert print forms to eForms.
  • Increase Coordination: DigiDoc marries paper forms with your EHR or EMR software seamlessly for greater ease, efficiency, and accuracy. It also helps you route new form designs for proofing and approval.
  • Increase Convenience: Do it all right here. View, search, create, convert, proof, route, and print your forms. With a mobile device, it’s as easy as the push of a button, right at the point of care.
  • Increase Green Practices: By moving away from paper, you’re reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Increase Compliance: You’ll always use the most current versions of documents and prevent misfiling—plus the time and expense it takes to fix mistakes. DigiDoc also keeps all previously approved forms to keep you in compliance.
  • Increase Security: Add barcodes to link and track eForms to patient records for privacy and accuracy. 
  • Increase Transparency: Customize your reports for sales by category, monthly usage by item (print and eForms), program savings, as well as performance by enterprise or location - and all data in print or digital form.

Tested for Success

We helped a national top ten hospital group with 175 facilities save over $11.4 million and reduce or eliminate the need to purchase forms. DigiDoc is helping healthcare organizations reduce the cost of their printed materials by as much as 60% through the integration of eForms and a streamlined organization of other forms and documents. How can we help you?

What Can DigiDoc Do for Me?

We’re known for many things—legendary customer service, lightning-fast responsiveness, esteemed project leadership—and most importantly helping our clients achieve success.

For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with one of the largest hospital organizations in the country to create a document management system that not only streamlines their business, but makes their patient experience an unforgettable one.

We can help your healthcare organization, too.

DigiDoc’s easy-to-use electronic file management software is designed to solve your paperwork overload. You’ll significantly streamline your paperwork, saving your staff precious time chasing, creating, and managing forms. Search, sort, share, report, convert, print, proof, approve—you can do it all right here.

DigiDoc slashes the costs for both printing and managing online forms, and it enhances the entire patient experience with accessible, easy-to-use forms and packets. You can make quick work of your paperwork and enjoy greater flexibility, scalability, and complete convenience.

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