Transforming Ambulatory Surgery Centers with a Document Management Solution

Ambulatory surgery centers see dozens of patients day in and day out for outpatient procedures. Nurses and providers at surgery centers are inundated with paperwork including waivers, consent forms, medical history, and other patient forms. In an effort to stay on top of a busy schedule and keep patient care top-notch, caregivers need to be able to find forms easily, and not have to question whether or not it is the right version.

We understand the intricate nature of healthcare and how it can quickly feel overwhelming when you fall behind on paperwork. Fortunately, DigiDoc has a solution for the professionals working in such a significant field that can make documentation feel manageable.

Stay On Top of Paperwork with DigiDoc

We recognize that ambulatory surgery centers are often faced with out-of-date, duplicated or incorrect patient care forms, and we’ve devised a solution to meet their unique needs:

DigiDoc provides the capabilities to create customized form packets, grouping necessary forms together for easy preparation and printing. DigiDoc’s cloud-based software provides employees instant access forms they need most, with the guarantee they will be the most recent version. Administrators are able to access reporting features which details form usage, including which forms are used most, when, and by who.

We help ambulatory surgery centers and other healthcare systems organize and optimize their forms and eForms to save organizations time, money, and sanity.

A DMS to Remove the Stress

DigiDoc’s document management system helps ambulatory surgery centers and other outpatient facilities organize their library of forms. Take control of the paperwork task with the DigiDoc solution:

  • Cleaner Documents: Enjoy accurate, standardized forms, with reduced or eliminated duplication.
  • Top Notch Security: DigiDoc meets stringent healthcare security standards and carries extensive cyber insurance so your data stays safe. 
  • Multiple Location Management: Keep everything in one place for easy access, with multiple levels of permission for employees.
  • Downtime Solution: Access to patient data keeps you working even when your EHR/EMR is down or the internet is out.
  • Standardization & Automation: Our software supplements your EHR/EMR software, enabling automation of documents that they do not address, like referrals, consents, checklists, and more. 
  • Greener Documents: Less printing and environmental waste.
  • Excellent Compliance: Stay compliant with access to the most up-to-date documents in your library automatically updated every 15 minutes.

Don’t waste any more time sorting through file cabinets only to find faded and outdated documents and forms. See how DigiDoc can transform your ambulatory surgery center through document management and version control.

Take the Work Out of Paperwork