A Document System that Turns Hospital eForms into Better Business

The management of forms is one of the most costly and complex areas of healthcare administration. Most hospitals have dedicated staff who handle the creation and management of these ever-growing documents. While staff focused on these tasks also have other responsibilities, it’s estimated that they spend 30% of their time manually processing forms each day. With as many as 400-500 different forms in stock and 2,000-3,000 forms being used each day, there is a mountain of time and energy devoted to forms. That toll doesn’t even begin to account for the printing costs and environmental ramifications, since many of these are preprinted forms that must be printed and stored.

DigiDoc can change this. Dramatically. In fact, we helped a top ten national hospital system with 175 facilities in 20 states save $11.4 million and reduce or eliminate the need to purchase forms. Overall, our healthcare facilities have saved 60% on the cost of printed materials alone.

With a sophisticated elegant electronic form management system like DigiDoc, you can create solid bottom-line savings and measurable operational efficiencies—it all adds up to better business and better care.

We recognize that acute care hospitals spend a lot of time wrestling with patient care forms, and we’ve devised scalable solutions to meet their unique needs.

Using DigiDoc’s cloud-based secure software, employees have instant access to the forms and digital signing solutions they need most. DigiDoc keeps these forms accurate and compliant by controlling document versions, creating customized form packages, providing guidance on reporting and governance, and access to patient handouts.

Not only do we understand the landscape, but we’ve helped organizations navigate it. We teamed up with acute care providers with over 800 locations in 26 states and retaining 13,000 employees. Together we've created fully automated systems that covers point of purchase to invoicing, turning large organizations into nimble, connected, and more effective ones.

We’re here to help other acute care hospitals and organizations do the same—by organizing and optimizing their paperwork to save time, money, and sanity.

How DigiDoc Can Help

Which business wouldn’t benefit from thoughtful adjustments that save time, energy, and money? Here’s how we can help your hospital system or IDN thrive:

  • Standardization & Automation: Supplements your EHR/EMR software, enabling automation of documents that they do not address, like referrals, consents, checklists, and more. 
  • Multiple Location Management: DigiDoc can keep everything in one place for easy access, while protecting your sensitive patient data with security built to healthcare regulations and multiple levels of permission for employees.
  • Excellent Compliance: DigiDoc updates your document library every 15 minutes so you stay compliant with access to the most updated documents.
  • Cleaner Documents: When you’re managing multiple locations across multiple states, forms can easily get misfiled, duplicated, or entered incorrectly. With a more efficient intake of paper forms into your EHR/EMR, you’ll enjoy standardized forms, reduced or eliminated duplication, and higher levels of accuracy.
  • Greener Documents: Less printing and environmental waste.
  • Top Level Security: DigiDoc conforms to the stringent security measures set by the healthcare industry and also carries extensive cyber insurance so your data stays safe.
  • Industry Exclusive No Downtime Reassurance: Our unique DigiDoc-only feature solves for the times when the power is out, the internet is down, or your EHR/EMR is not cooperating. With locally stored forms whose patient information is secured, you can still keep the work during downtime. 
  • 24/7 Support: We’re built on support. The technology can only work well with real people behind it. We can help you create forms and manage them every step of the way. Lean on us for assistance and trust us to turn your feedback into action.
  • Greater Efficiencies: No more locating, compiling, sorting, de-duping, checking accuracy and compliance, scanning, storing and printing. DigiDocs does this all. You’ll cut costs associated with your time and your printing.

It’s time to make the move.

Let's Talk About Forms

Referral forms, intake forms, medical hospital discharge papers—the list goes on and on (and on). Here are the convenient, flexible, and scalable ways that DigiDoc can help you manage the mountain of information:

  • Get Better Document Management: There’s a reason why people hate the word “paperwork.” It implies lots of time and work. With DigiDoc, everything is automated, so the searching, sorting, and extensive reporting can happen with mere clicks. So can document sharing across your enterprise, converting print forms to eForms and back again, collecting electronic signatures, proofing, and approvals. 
  • Customize Forms: It’s easy to make eForms suit your needs. You can customize forms to link patient information to your EHR/EMR, to adhere to location-specific requirements, and to complete either electronically or in printed form.
  • Manage Multiple Facilities: Hospital systems with multiple facilities can give “super users” access either to specific locations or to all of them. All locations can print and share documents easily. DigiDoc can also put our 140+ years of experience to work for you by helping you streamline and standardize forms across all facilities.
  • Ensure Document Integrity: We understand how important it is to get patient information correct every time. DigiDoc’s library updates every 15 minutes give you access to the most recent form versions and forms that have been approved, and bar codes guarantee your documents are scanned into the right location.
  • Enhance Reporting: This function is a game changer. Since you’ll be able to see so much more of your business, you’ll be able to pinpoint opportunities for greater efficiencies and savings—and troubleshoot any issues. Our reporting allows you to view monthly reports on usage by item (both printed and eForms), quality, cost, savings, performance by enterprise or location, and all data in print or digital form.

Elevate Patient Care and Eliminate The Paperwork Hassle