Locking Down Patient Information

We know how important it is to protect sensitive patient data. With some of the highest privacy and security requirements in business, healthcare organizations must safeguard their information as if lives depended on it—since they do.

We are committed to these HIPAA confidentiality and safety requirements. DigiDoc is SOC 2 type 1 and SOC 2 type 2 certified. Our systems engineers, software architects, and developers adhere to all security best practices and always stay ahead of the cyber curve. We also carry extensive cyber insurance.

With DigiDoc document management system, you can rest assured that your patient information is secured.

How Our Secure Document Management System Keeps Patients Safe

DigiDoc was designed to operate at the levels of security that you do. To achieve this, we’ve built in critical security measures at every step in the process:

  1. Remote Secure Authentication: From the moment a user opens a browser session, they will need to complete a secure authentication. Thus, compliance is met at the active directory (AD) level. Your IT team can manage multi-factor authentication (MFA), password complexity, aging, lockout, reset, and named account access with an on-premises AD.

  2. System Monitoring: DigiDoc tracks important metrics to continuously measure the systems’ health. We monitor CPU usage, memory usage, data in/out, errors, error rate, number of requests, and average response time. The system also implements an “auto-heal” mechanism where it will reboot servers if certain monitored metrics exceed specified thresholds. 

    Further, we oversee secure transmission and storage of protected health information (PHI), use barcodes to keep patient information accurate, and deploy permission levels to control user access.

  3. System Logging: DigiDoc records all user interactions, including successful/unsuccessful logins, all forms, and access to form packets.

    Through steps like these we ensure security throughout the entire process.

Maintain Organization and Compliance